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A provider of reliable, high quality IT support services in Southend

As in every industry and every walk of life, no two clients are the same. We all have different levels of knowledge, different needs and different wants.

ECL knows and understands that no two businesses have identical requirements, so we provide the IT support that your individual business in Southend needs.

Whether your business is a small start up company or a large, established firm, we tailor our IT support around you and your company.

ECL therefore offers 3 different levels of IT support for Southend businesses, each of which are flexible to suit your needs.

All of our packages include detailed time analysis reports, provided by us and giving you the times, dates, engineer details, work carried out, etc.

Our three different IT support packages are as follows:

IT Support Option 1: ECL Pre-Paid Support Hours Agreement

Ideal for companies with some limited in-house IT expertise who want the comfort of knowing there is someone to call on in an emergency. You buy an agreed number of support hours in advance which are then used for any purpose you wish relating to IT, be it problem solving, hardware repairs, administration tasks etc. The benefit of this agreement is you ultimately only pay for the time you use.

IT Support Option 2: ECL Remote Support Agreement

The vast majority of IT problems can be resolved remotely. The ECL Remote Support Agreement gives unlimited problem solving support by either remote connection or telephone, for a competitive fixed monthly fee based on the size and complexity of your system.

This agreement can include optional 24/7 remote server monitoring for additional peace of mind.

Under the ECL Remote Support Agreement any site visits required are chargeable at the ad-hoc hourly rate.

IT Support Option 3: ECL Premium Support Agreement

The ECL Premium Support Agreement is a cover-all service designed to give complete peace of mind, and could be considered as a low cost alternative to employing your own in-house IT personnel. For a fixed monthly fee based on the size and complexity of your system, this agreement gives unlimited telephone, remote and on-site support to resolve all system problems. This agreement will even cover the complete re-installation of your network in the unlikely event that would be necessary.

Also included are simple administration tasks such as adding or removing users, setting up new email addresses, etc.

This agreement includes the 24/7 remote server monitoring service.

This is just a brief outline of what we have to offer and how we can help your Southend based business. We are sure you will have questions and want to know more details, so please give us a call as we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your business requirements with you and see what we can do for you. Click here to see our contact details.